Why Computer Science needs HCI

Gut, ich bin da ein wenig voreingenommen, als Informatiker der sich mit User Centered Design beschäftigt, aber Russell Beale liefert eine sehr schlaue Begründung:

There is also a growing disconnect between the people developing cool innovative applications, and those doing computer science courses, […] it suggests […] that computer science is not seen as the course of choice for the bright developers, creatives, hackers and engineers out there. […]

[W]e need to ensure we remember that HCI has to be at the heart of interactive systems, that good design can be taught, that creativity and innovation are at the heart of decent software engineering and that HCI provides these fields with appropriate tools.

Sein Vorschlag ist, dass Informatik und HCI (Human Computer Interaction) zusammen gelehrt werden sollten. Was mal eine gute Idee ist…

Russel Beale: HCI Education – where now – and how? (2.8mb)

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