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Web pages often contain links like „Click here“ or just „here“. This document explains why such usage is bad practice, especially for accessibility reasons.

Ein sehr kurzweiliger Artikel über die Unart Links „click here“ zu taufen. Hier ein Auszug:

  • „Click here“ just looks stupid.
  • „Click here“ looks especially stupid when printed on paper.
  • „Click here“ is useless in a list of links or when in „links reading“ mode, or whenever a link text is considered as isolated from its textual and visual context. The problems of link texts out of context will be discussed in more detail below.
  • „Click here“ is bad food for search engines. If you say „For information on pneumonia, click here“, search engines won’t know that your document contains a link to a document about pneumonia. Some important search engines use the link text in estimating the relevance of a link. Using descriptive link texts thus helps users in finding documents they’re interested in, potentially including your document due to a link text with some key word.

Why „Click Here“ is bad

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