User Research bei Google und YouTube

Nachdem ich bereits über Design und User Research bei Apple geschrieben habe, gibt es diesmal ein paar Informationen über Google…

Google has always had the mantra of ‚focus on the user and all else will follow‘, so the company puts a significant amount of effort into researching its users. In fact, Au estimates that 30 to 40 per cent of her 200-strong worldwide user experience team is compromised of user researchers. […]
„We also use a variety of methods, whether it’s quantitative analysis, data mining or surveys, and do quite a bit of ethnographic work, too. While it’s easy to design for people like yourself, it’s hard to design for people in a totally different environment, so we’ve done field studies and rapid prototyping to better understand what their needs are and how they’re using the internet.“ […]
„Search is such a fragile interface. It’s humbling to see how the slightest changes in design, just pixel-level changes or barely perceptible changes to colours, can have such a dramatic impact on usage and revenue. At Google, we’re in a unique position to measure the impact of design on the business, and we take advantage of that opportunity to make design decisions based on evidence.“

…und YouTube…

So what exactly is user research like at YouTube? Sometimes it means letting users design their ideal experience. For example, last year we used a method called FIDO […] where we cut out different elements of various video sites, stuck them on magnets, and had users arrange their ideal organization of the elements. Other times we use a more standard research method called a usability study, which entails seeing whether a user can or can’t complete certain standard site tasks in a usability lab. […] Sometimes having users come into labs is not enough. […] We might have field studies where we interview users in their homes. In addition to such qualitative research, we look closely at the behavior of millions of users through traffic analysis and try to understand what users think of the site by deploying thousands of surveys.

The Secrets of Google’s Design Team
Inside User Research at YouTube

Update: Der Kollege Schindlholzer hat in einem Artikel zusätzlich Infos über Microsoft und Bungie Studios, die Entwickler von Halo 3, zusammengetragen.

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