TATs Fuse Mobile User Interface

Ist mir ein wenig viel Geruckel und Animation – aber so was muss man ja in der Hand gehabt haben um sich wirklich ein Bild davon zu machen.

Hier noch offizielle Erklärungstext…

TAT together with partners (Synaptics, Texas Instruments, Immersion and Alloy), for the first time shows an integrated range of multiple interface technologies— including multi-touch capacitive sensing, haptic feedback, force, grip, accelerometer and proximity sensing all brought together in a fully OpenGL|ES 2.0 hardware accelerated 3D User Interface.

Using TAT Cascades we have implemented a user interface bringing all these modalities together to tackle some of the challenges of current-generation touchscreen phones by on-the-go users, namely the difficulty of single-handed usage and the need to look at the screen. The Fuse’s sensing technologies surrounds the entire device. E.g. grip sensing is achieved via force and capacitive touch sensors on the sides of the phone, and it also introduces for the first time 2D navigation from the back of the phone, enabling single-handed control without obstructing the display.

Update: Hier noch ein Video des UIs inklusive Device (obwohl das Gerät eher wie ein Prototyp und das Video wie reinmontiert aussieht).

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