News+, ein weiteres eReader Konzept

In ihrem Film stellen Bonnier ihre Gedanken zur digitalen Tageszeitung der Zukunft vor. Dies ist nach Mag+ ihr zweites Projekt dieser Art.

Hier noch ein paar Worte der Macher zu dem „Leitprinizip“ des Konzepts:

The most important principle of News+ is that we want to let our readers get closer to the news. In terms of news consumption, an intimate, touch experience where reading is a pleasure and the crystal-clear hi-resolution screen lets photography take its rightful place as an important part of the news narrative. But with closeness we also mean that we want our readers to step into the news room and be a part of the conversation. The News+ concept includes a variety of features enabling such a relation between news editors and readers.

News+ Ready for Launch

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