Usability Stellenanzeigen – KW 51

Dieses Mal gibt es zwei neue und eine gute Handvoll älterer Stellenanzeigen. Ich wünsche viel Erfolg…

(Senior) UI Interaction Designer @ Nokia

  • You can precisely articulate, reason, document, communicate and present your design ideas in written and spoken English
  • You develop interaction paradigms for different devices and use cases and illustrate them with high level flow charts as well as detailed and structured wireframe specifications
  • You are visionary and explore the boundaries of what’s possible
  • You are pragmatic and understand what is feasible in a given situation
  • You focus on the essential details while keeping the big picture in mind
  • Complex systems fascinate you, but you focus on simplicity
  • You feel at home in an international work environment
  • You are experienced in designing for mobile touch and non-touch screens as well as for desktop interfaces
  • You are fluent in InDesign and Illustrator, ideally also in OmniGraffle, Visio, Photoshop and Flash
  • You are able to efficiently structure and communicate your work with tools such as Excel, Powerpoint and Word

(Auszug aus der Stellenanzeige)

Senior Manager Customer Experience & User Interface @ vodafone

  • Responsible for designing compelling user interfaces with intuitive navigation and winning design, and coordinating execution through external agencies and suppliers
  • Ensure integration of user interface across various screens (TV, PC, mobile handset)
  • Define industrial product design for set-top-box and related customer premise equipment, with support of external agencies
  • Define, measure and constantly refine end-to-end customer experience; identify opportunities to enhance the customer satisfaction
  • Responsible for the fulfilment of the customer satisfaction goals (Net Promotor Score) as well as Competitor Benchmark goals for the User Interface
  • Ensure the competitiveness of the User interface
  • Intensive cooperation with the Vodafone Brand Team, the Vodafone Internet Services Team as well as the User Experience Team

(Auszug aus der Stellenanzeige)

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