Interaction 10 – Call for Submission

Vom 4. bis 7. Februar 2010 findet in Savannah, Georgia die Interaction 10 statt. Wer etwas dazu beitragen möchte, kann dies bis zum 15.09. tun.

Folgende Beiträge können dort eingereicht werden:

  • Discussions.
    Got a burning question that you think the interaction design community should be asking itself? Let’s sit down and discuss it. You are the discussion facilitator.
  • Activities.
    Let’s try out something together. Field trip? Interview play acting? A new prototyping technique? Propose something that we DO.
  • Demonstrations.
    Want to show off something cool? Success or failure from a project? New technology? Prototyping technique? Launching something? Share it with your community.
  • Presentations.
    Want to do more of a traditional talk? We love those too.

In addition, there will be two community documentaries you can submit video for, an interactive art exhibition, a student competition, and a local design challenge that will benefit the Savannah community.

Die Termine findet ihr auch auf der Termine und Events Seite.

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