Axure-Gesprächsrunde am 06.03

Am 06.03. lädt Ezra Schwartz zu einer Diskussionsrunde zum Thema: Managing Change with Axure: Keeping Your Prototype, Design Patterns and Specifications In Sync. ein.

The concept of the AxureWorld RoundTables is to provide UX practitioners from all over the world with an opportunity to discuss a specific topic – NOT on a discussion board, email or chat but rather – by talking and listening, in real-time, to each other. Participants logging to the RoundTable web event are encouraged to have a microphone, and use it!

…und ihr seid herzlich eingeladen Eure Axure-Erfahrungen mit Anderen zu teilen:

The event will be composed of several short presentations of up to 15 minutes from people who want to share with the forum their experiences, answer questions and exchange of ideas, questions and best practices.

Sobald man sich registrieren kann, gebe ich Euch Bescheid.

Axure RoundTable #1 – Managing Change With Axure.

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