John Gruber über iPhone OS 4.0 und Mobile Ads

Gruber über Steve Jobs Keynote, iAds und Werbung auf Handys:

Jobs’s pitch for iAds during the event yesterday wasn’t even coy about it being a fuck-you to Google. He emphasized first the idea that on mobile, unlike the desktop, search is not a good venue for advertising. The idea being that on the iPhone, people aren’t searching, they’re using apps, and therefore the prime space for ads on mobile devices is right there inside apps. […]
Jobs then showed examples of iAds — rich, cinematic, interactive software ads. […] The word Jobs used repeatedly was emotion. They’re intended to be about design and feeling. It’s about a venue for advertising that can feel like good TV commercials and full-page magazine ads. That’s knock two against Google. Google ads may well be effective, but they are not emotional. Consider the Toy Story 3 iAd Jobs demoed. What kind of ad through Google could compare to that?

Aber ich bleibe dabei: Wer Werbung aufs Mobiltelefon bringt, kommt in die Hölle.

Daring Fireball: Reading Between the iPhone OS 4.0 Lines

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