Über Innovation & Ideation Workshops

Jim Nieters, Director of User Experience bei Yahoo!, hat einen sehr umfangreichen Artikel rund um Innovation Workshops (a.k.a. Ideation Workshops) geschrieben.

Often, though, UX designers and researchers get stuck with incrementalism – designing minor new features for which another functional group has provided the requirements, expecting UX to design them—regardless of whether the UX team agrees with the product direction. […] As difficult as coming up with a new idea that differentiates your product from those of your competitors can be, just coming up with the idea itself sometimes seems easy compared to the challenge of getting your organization to accept and act on it. Innovation workshops can both help you come up with great ideas and align your multidisciplinary product team around them.

Im ersten Teil seiner Artikel beschreibt er zehn Schritte, mit denen Organisationen das Finden von Innovationen fördern können:

  1. Create a playground culture.
  2. Engage in creative ideation, or brainstorming.
  3. Create a process that supports and promotes innovation
  4. Involve real users.
  5. Create a supportive organizational structure.
  6. Dedicate time and effort to innovation.
  7. Redefine your business for the current competitive context.
  8. Collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  9. Realize practical results.
  10. Engage in innovation workshops.

Im zweiten Teil unterteilt beschreibt Nieters die Inhalte eines solchen Workshops:

  1. Understand the current competitive context, and define the problem to solve.
  2. Engage in exercises that foster creative ideation.
  3. Filter the resulting ideas, focusing on the most valuable and relevant ideas.
  4. Design collaboratively.
  5. Rapidly obtain user feedback, and iterate your design.
  6. Reach consensus to drive an innovative product to market.

Aber am wichtigsten finde ich die Anmerkung, dass Innovation Workshops interdisziplinär sein müssen, um wirklich erfolgreich zu sein:

What’s interesting is that, of these six activities, most designers I speak with think just coming up with a good idea is the most important step in great design. However, design is just one factor. The reality is that, if you don’t get agreement and consensus among other stakeholders—such as Product Management, Engineering, and Marketing—your ideas will never see the light of day.

Nieters hat auch ein paar Folien zu dem Thema veröffentlicht. In einem Vortrag, den er auf der CHI*Atlanta gehalten hat, geht er ab Folie 13 darauf ein. Es ist auch ein Video-Mitschnitt der Vortrags verfügbar.

Dan Saffer treibt das gleiche Thema um – er hat in einem Vortrag verschiedene Techniken für die Ideation Phase vorgestellt:

Innovation Workshops: Facilitating Product Innovation

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