From Wireframes to Prototypes

David Verba hat bei A List Apart ein Plädoyer für den Einsatz von Prototypen veröffentlicht. Er vertritt die Ansicht, dass Wireframes nicht mehr in der Lage seien, die komplexen Interaktionen von Webseiten adäquat abzubilden. Aber lest am Besten selbst, liebe Zielgruppe…

With the rise of Ajax however, wireframes started to come up short. When we leave the world of page-based interactions, how do you document all but the simplest interaction? […]

Development involving Ajax and RIAs requires closer communication between developers and designers, and this communication often has to be iterative. Tossing wireframes over the wall to developers doesn’t work. The critical information required for this interchange often can’t be captured in wireframes. Cross-discipline communication issues aside, attempts to use wireframes to explore tough interaction problems are problematic.

Prototypes keep us focused on our actual goal. I’ve seen countless hours spent generating thousands of pages of documentation that were never used. This in itself wouldn’t be so undesirable if we had infinite developer resources. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and I’ve often seen features cut from a product launch in favor of generating “better” documentation. With prototypes, the focus is always on the application and making it better, and it’s much easier to stay focused on value to the end user.

David Verba: Sketching in Code

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