Sketching und Interaktionsdesign | Materialsammlung

In dieser Woche war ich erneut als Coach auf der German UPA Summerschool. Ein Thema dort war Paper-Prototyping und Sketching. Dies hier ist meine „geheime“ Materialsammlung zu dem Thema.

Vielleicht ist ja was Spannendes für Euch dabei, liebe Zielgruppe…

  • The Visual Thinking Power Tool | A List Apart
    "I used drawing as a primary language for capturing thoughts, exploring ideas, and then sharing those ideas. Teachers and mentors encouraged me, helping to sustain sketching as a key skill throughout school and into my professional career. Good fortune has ignited my passion to become a sketch advocate, helping others rediscover sketching as a powerful problem-solving and communication tool."
  • Shades of Grey: Wireframes as Thinking Device | UX Magazine
    "For me, wireframes act as a form of 'thinking device' for the setting and exploration of a given problem space […]. I use my sketches and wireframes as means to make explorative moves and assess the consequences of those moves."
  • Shades of Grey: Thoughts on Sketching | UX Magazine
    "Artifacts used in communicating design create an inherent frame of experience between the subjective response of the person for whom I design, and my expectations of their response. There is a divergence of meaning in that the audience can only experience the communications artifact, not the object being communicated."
  • Tools for Sketching User Experiences | UX Booth
    "In this article, I’ll expound on the tools I use every day to design interfaces and experiences. I’ve spent years trying a variety of tools, and so far, analog tools such as markers, notebooks and paper templates have proved to be the most effective because of their constraints and flexibility."
  • Good Design Faster | Slideshare
    "Slides for Adaptive Path's Good Design Faster workshop, as given by Peter Boersma at Design by Fire 2010."
  • Sketching for Design 101 | Slideshare
    "A presentation I gave to the design team at Viget Labs on June 9, 2009"

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