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  • 5 Pet Peeves Designers Have With Developers (and How to Avoid Them)
    Cats and dogs. Cain and Abel. Designers and developers. These are just a few of the great historical face-offs. Designers and developers often seem to come from different planets and have completely different brains.
  • Dieses Blog wird zum eBook
    Da dieses Blog nicht mehr weitergeführt wird, werde ich es in nächster Zeit löschen. Damit die entstandenen Inhalte aber nicht ganz verschwinden, habe ich aus allen Blog-Artikeln dieses Blogs ein eBook erstellt.
  • 6 Easy Steps to Make Your Graph (Really) Ugly
    We spend so much time trying to make our graphs accurate, simple, understandable, etc that we forget the lost art of making graphs that are inaccurate, unreadable, make absolutely no sense, and make your eyes want to vomit. I'm so tired of understanding data. I want to experience it, and I know you want to also.


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