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  • Web Analytics und Real Time
    "Immer wieder kommt in Gesprächen mit Web Analysten, Kunden oder Online Marketern das Thema auf Real Time Daten. […] Aus meiner Sicht gibt es nicht viele Web Analytics Nutzer die wirklich Real Time Daten benötigen. Hierfür gibt es einige Gründe die ich gleich aufzählen werde."
  • Laddering: A Research Interview Technique for Uncovering Core Values | UXmatters
    "This column introduces the laddering technique and describes my first experience trying it for myself.
    Clinical psychologists first introduced the laddering technique in the 1960s, as a method of understanding people’s core values and beliefs. The technique is powerful, because it provides a simple and systematic way of establishing an individual’s core set of constructs on how they view the world."
  • Design With Intent | design mind
    "Using the UCD approach, designers are one step removed from the action. We influence behavior and social practice from a distance through the products and services that we create based on our research and understanding of behavior. We place users at the center and develop products and services to support them. With UCD, designers are encouraged not to impose their own values on the experience."

    (via David Gilbert)


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