Lesenswertes vom 28.10.2011 – Präsentationen und Vorträge

  • How to give great presentations | Adfero Group
    "We’ve all seen horrible presentations. Most of us have probably given a few in our day. But in the professional world, public speaking is an unavoidable fact of life. […] In reminiscing on the truly awful presentations I’ve seen, I came up with 4 basic pitfalls that can doom any public speaker."
  • No more slides | Oliver Reichenstein
    "While reading a speech from paper is widely frowned upon, it is not only accepted that people use slides for support, it's expected that you show something visual when you speak. This fairly new practice is justified with old cliches like "a picture says more than a thousand words." The truth is: If we prepare properly we don't need PowerPoint."
  • 4 things your upcoming conference presentation really oughtta be | Cooper Journal
    "After years of doing this, I’ve come to group these successes and failures into four big criteria that every conference presentation ought to have. I’m going to share them with you now in the hopes that a) I’m right and b) more presentations will fall into the “awesome” rather than “regrettable” category."

Dann habe ich schon mal was, woran ich mich für meinen World Usability Day Vortrag halten kann.

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