Lesenswertes vom 26.11.2009 – The Agile Edition

  • Can UX Be Agile? | UXmatters
    Since agile methods appear to more closely match the way people typically solve problems, they can be helpful in solving the types of complex, interrelated problems organizations increasingly call upon UX designers to address. Understanding how user experience might operate in an agile development environment could help us respond more flexibly and effectively, regardless of the development methodology our organizations are using.
  • New to agile? Keep it very simple | Agile for All
    "When dealing with an agile implementation, particularly in the case of a new agile team, we often make things too complex and difficult. We tend to keep putting band-aids on the process until we have something that is overly burdensome and no longer useful. I’ve now seen enough of this to know there needs to be an intervention! So take a deep breath, relax and read how to simplify your life on an agile team."
  • Why Agile Needs to Start in Academia | Anders
    "[T]he most important lesson was that of working across and truly integrating two disciplines, in this case art and engineering, and discovering that what the other does is not as mysterious and weird as one might think. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was my first foray into Pairing, a concept currently receiving widespread and well-deserved attention thanks to the Agile movement."


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