Lesenswertes vom 16.08.2009 – Web Usability

  • 12 Navigation Options That Help Users Navigate Through Your Website Effectively | Onextrapixel
    It’s up to you to provide a set of navigation options that allow different readers to navigate to the document the way they want.
    A website can offer readers at least 12 different navigation options. Not all of them are applicable to every website though. However, a quality website should always offer a range of navigation options."
  • 20 Tips on How to Write for the Web | Webdesigner Depot
    "These are some of the more common mistakes that I’ve seen in web copy and some tricks that I use every day to write effectively, from e-mails to site pages."
  • The 10 Most Common Mistakes Web Designers Make | Noupe
    "There are plenty of mistakes web designers (especially new ones) make when designing websites. Everything from poor design to simple oversight happen every day. But with a little diligence, they can easily be avoided."
  • Google’s tips on optimising indexing | Econsultancy
    "Google's Webmaster Tools blog has just published a useful presentation, which provides advice on getting your pages crawled and indexed by the search engine."
  • How Usability Testing Saved My Redesign from Disaster | Associated Content
    "Website usability testing is often a last-minute exercise conducted to satisfy a few senior managers who want to test with some users before going live. Unfortunately, waiting until your website designs are complete or nearly finalized before conducting usability testing can have
    disastrous consequences. "
  • Writing for the web | Developer Evangelist Handbook
    "Writing for the web is a specialist skill and far too often you'll find people applying rules of other media when it comes to writing online articles or blog posts.
    The main thing to remember is that text on the web is not published in one place but spreads throughout the web as bookmarks, links and references. Therefore it is very important to chunk texts up into easily digestible and repeatable chunks and make your headlines and document titles work without the context of the full text."


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