Lesenswertes vom 15.12.2009 – Über Wireframes

  • Web Analytics influencing Wireframes and Information Architecture | Extra! Extra!
    "Data and insight derived from web analytics should be a key driving force in the creation of wireframes, information architecture, and usability testing.  The following is a partial list of bits of data that help User Experience experts make informed decisions, when creating the layout for a new site that will more effectively achieve the intended goals."
  • Sketchy Wireframes | Boxes and Arrows
    "The problem here is that traditional computer wireframing tools […] lay out drawings as hard-lined boxes, lines and fonts. As a result, wireframes look the same regardless of which stage of completion the wireframe is representing. Early-stage, conceptual wireframes look identical to late-stage, functional specifications."
  • Where Wireframes Are Concerned | UX Magazine
    "Wireframes can be useful, valuable artifacts for informing the designer's process. But they often fail miserably as a first-step deliverable for clients."
  • A Collection of Useful Web Design Wireframing Resources | Speckyboy Design Magazine
    "There are templates for, possibly every browser in every size, there are form and button templates for all browsers and a hell of a lot more."


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