Lesenswertes vom 12.10.2011 – The Case against Responsive Web Design

Nachdem ich viel Positives über Responsive Web Design gepostet habe ([1], [2], [3]), hier ein paar kritische Stimmen zu dem Thema:

  • 11 Reasons why responsive web design isn’t that cool! | WebDesignShock
    "Every proposal must have some weak points and this, as a “new one”, shouldn’t be considered the solution to the world’s problems. In the heat of the moment, not many people stop and think about the downside, the mistakes and the compatibility issues this proposal may have; and this is actually very normal. In the end, we’re just starting to know how this thing works, right?"
  • CSS Media Query for Mobile is Fool’s Gold | Cloud Four
    "Unfortunately, CSS media query is fool’s gold for mobile devices. It hides tough problems and gives developers a false promise of a simple solution for designing to multiple screens."
  • Responsive Web Design or Separate Mobile Site? Eh. It Depends. | Global Moxie
    "In the mobile world, we have the persistent and circular debate over whether the mobile web should be powered by the very same sites and webpages that render the desktop web. Savvy CSS media queries, beautifully explained as “responsive web design” by Ethan Marcotte, can transform any webpage into device-specific layouts tailored for any device. But should they? Strong opinions sally forth."

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