Lesenswertes vom 09.09.2009 – Über Personas

  • How to create personas your design team will believe in | userfocus
    "Does your organisation use personas to describe users' characteristics, goals, needs and behaviours? Although they are a popular tool for communicating knowledge about users, many personas are little more than anecdote, hearsay and rumour. These kind of fake personas rapidly fall into disuse. Make sure your own personas get used by validating them against this 7-item checklist."
  • Persona Format | Fluid Project Wiki
    "This persona format was created to organize information in the Fluid Personas. The format chosen was based on the competitive analysis of many persona examples below."
  • Download an example persona used in the design of a web application | Chopsticker
    "Despite a wide-ranging interest in personas (aka user profiles) by web and software designers, concrete examples of actual personas are surprisingly hard to find. So I’m happy to contribute an example here[ …]."
  • Build Your Own Data-backed Personas |
    "We’d always been aware of personas as a design tool, but we’d never used them at SitePoint. However, we’ve been doing some thinking lately about the future of and we decided to give it a go."
  • Building a Data-Backed Persona | Boxes and Arrows
    "In practice, outcomes indicate that designing with any persona is better than with no personas, even if the personas used are entirely fictitious. Better yet, however, are personas that are based on real user data. […] Web analytics provides a rich source of user data, unique among the forms of user data that are used to evaluate websites, in that it represents the users in their native habitat of use."
  • What’s My Persona? Developing a Deep and Dimensioned Character | UXmatters
    "Designers gather data to understand the personas that represent the users for whom they are designing a user interface. This is quite similar to the way actors must develop an understanding of their characters."


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