Lesenswertes vom 05.09.2011 – Apple & Steve

Hier ein paar der netten Artikel, die ich in den letzten Tagen über Steve Jobs und Apple gelesen habe.

  • How Jobs made Apple fit for the future –
    To discover the useful lessons of Mr Jobs’s managerial legacy, it is worth depersonalising the company he has built. For instance, Apple is not really one company, but three very different organisations lashed together and devastatingly fit for purpose.
  • Steve Jobs: America’s Greatest Failure – Nick Schulz | National Review Online
    Lots of digital ink will be spilled about Jobs in the coming days, most of it focusing on his truly marvelous successes.  It’s better to focus on his failures. […] I don’t mean learn from their mistakes. I mean learn from their abject, humiliating, bonehead, epic fails.
  • The Steve Jobs Difference |
    I have had the fortune of chatting with people at Apple in the cafe, being invited to speak to them, and pulled aside at events by a couple groups at Apple to "chat about some things" that lasted a few hours. These glimpses inside left me in greater awe of not only Apple and its very different and secret way of doing things, but of Jobs himself.


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