Über IDEO, Design Thinking und britische Manieren

Dieser sehr nette Artikel beschreibt, wie bei IDEO an einer Lösung für „urban rage“ in Großbritannien erarbeitet wurde.

When WIRED first approached IDEO, we were seeking a few bold ideas for a wider feature […] on how to upgrade government in Britain. […] Not a problem, said IDEO, we actually already have an idea of the problem we want to solve. Urban rage, they said. We would like to try to solve the problem of rage.

This final product design from IDEO is not a device, nor a business, nor even a service. It’s not really even a product as such. As an amalgam of an advertising campaign, a technological system, and a concept based around the psychologies of the individual, society at large and big companies, Queue Britain is an idea that exemplifies the „design thinking“ that IDEO is helping to introduce into the mainstream. Designers are looking at solving the problems on an ever wider scale – from personal products, right up to focusing on changing wider society, and then the world. – Reinventing British manners the Post-It way

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