Wann nehme ich welches Werkzeug?

Diese Frage versucht Daniel Ritzenthaler in seinem Artikel zu beantworten. Er beschreibt, wann und wofür sich Skizzen, Wireframes, Mock-ups und HTML Prototypen eignen.

One designer will claim that you shouldn’t do anything without sketching it out while another claims that doing anything less than full-on HTML prototypes is a waste of time. All of these tools have a special purpose so there’s no point in discussing which one is better. That would be a lot like an electrician saying his wire-cutters are better than the plumber’s pipe-cutters. Within the context of cutting wires it makes sense, but everywhere else it’s just silly.[…]

This piece is about bringing clarity to this discussion. It will help you decide which tool to use without worrying what other designers are arguing about.

52 Weeks of UX: Match the tool to the problem

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